Auditing and Reviews

Going through an audit is challenging.  We will work with you and our partners to provide you with comprehensive auditing and reviews.  An auditor’s report on your financial statements is the highest level of independent, professional assurance that you can receive on your financial statements for banks, shareholders or other creditors.

Review Services

A Review Engagement provides users with a reduced level of assurance as to the reliability of your financial statements.  They are appropriate for smaller business where the owner is active in day to day management.

CRA Tax Audit Pain

We can help.  Going through a CRA Audit can be daunting and anxiety ridden.  We have worked with a wide variety of firms to navigate and successfully get through their CRA Tax Audit as headache free as possible.  Let us do the heavy lifting for you and shoulder the stress.  We will work to ensure that in the end you are compliant and have the CRA’s needs fully met.